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Kanye West’s David Bowie Tribute Album Would Be ‘A Travesty’

Kanye West’s David Bowie Tribute Album Would Be ‘A Travesty’


KANYE WEST has sparked outcry without even opening up his mouth.

The Bound 2 rapper is reportedly planning to release a David Bowie covers album after discovering the late icon’s repertoire following his passing last week.

West has not himself confirmed these rumours, which all come from a source who spoke to the Daily Star, but it’s safe to say that Bowie fans are not happy – at all.

The tabloid claims that West has been busy recording his tribute to the Space Odditysinger – who passed away on January 10, 2015 – with versions of hits such as Rebel Rebel and Heroes.

“Some are straightforward covers with Kanye actually singing. On others he is rapping with his own lyrics over Bowie’s music,” an unnamed “source” told the newspaper.

The Daily Star report also alleged that the 38-year-old believes “the torch” of musical innovation has been passed to him, which predictably has fans up in arms.

Now several petitions have been launched, attempting to ban the rapper from releasing a Bowie covers album, with fans claiming the rapper is not “worthy”.

The biggest anti-Kanye West petition, created by 38 Degrees user Peter Piranha, has more than 7,400 signatures at the time of writing.

On the petition, one supporter wrote: “Kanye West is a travesty to music in general but especially should be banned from touching anything Bowie created.”

Another, said: “David Bowie deserves a proper tribute. The man has a constellation in the sky. Kanye West is not a musician, despite proclaiming the self-imposed ‘greatest rock and roll star ever’.”

MAGIC: The rapper paid tribute to Bowie on Twitter the day after the musician passed away

One Bowie fan suggested that West’s project would “torture” the late musician in the after life: “Bowie should be allowed to rest in peace. Not tortured in the after life by such an appalling record.”

Whilst another declared West unworthy of the task. They wrote: “No, no, no, Kanye, just don’t. David Bowie was and will always be one of the most influent and brilliant artists of our time, please don’t think that you are worthy of covering any of his material, YOU ARE NOT.”

There are also several other petitions up on Change.org from Australia, Austria, the UK and the US, with names like ‘Do not destroy Bowie, Kanye!’ and ‘Bowie Deserves Better Than Kanye’.

Yeezy is yet to public comment on reports of his alleged Bowie tribute album plans, nor the petitions against it.

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